“Yoga creates children that are bright lights in this world…”

I was asked recently about why I teach kids yoga and how did I know that is what I wanted to do.  As I was thinking about the answer- it wasn’t some A-ha moment that I had – it, in fact, happened very naturally.

My son Hayden is 6 years old a, in fact, active.  Many of you have heard me talk about his sports and things he likes to do – and I love to watch him do all these things with confidence and success.  You see, when Hayden was just under 3 years old, I had a feeling that he was behind in motor skills – Call it mothers intuition or my strong background in movement – perhaps a combination of both.  I would watch him at the playground or around other children and he was incredibly fearful.  He would never climb on the playground equipment, would cry at the top of the slide, and his run was more like a teetering gallop. I made an appointment to have him evaluated – and sure enough, I was right.  He was significantly delayed in both the gross and, fine motor skills.  Hayden and I went to physical and occupational therapy once a week for over a year.  During that time, I would teach him yoga at home, knowing it would help to strengthen him physically.  What I didn’t know would happen was the confidence and calming ability it would bring to him as well. He now asks for yoga many times a day and knows just when to use his drishti and calming breaths. What a gift!  As I watched him over the years, I began thinking about what my teaching journey would be and it came to me.. I bet ALL kids can benefit from YOGA! And they can!!!!!

Kids are growing up in a very busy, hurry up world, and stress physically and emotionally is starting so much younger.  With busy schedules, school pressures, competitive sports and social media our kids need to learn the techniques at an early age to stay centered and grounded. I shape my class activities to instill positive body image and self-esteem as well as functional strength/coordination and body awareness.  I teach breathing techniques and mindful moments to keep us in the present moment as well as how to use them when they are needed.

Teaching kids yoga is what makes my heart sing.  I believe Kids Yoga Teachers are in a position to be one of the most influential people in a student’s life. I consider myself a kid at heart and what comes through in my classes is how much I care about the kids, what they are lealearningd how they will use it for their life. There’s a lot of people out there who think that teaching kids yoga is easy but its not…to manage a room, to manage emotions and still land with these kids in a personal and impactful way takes a special person who truly deep down loves children and wants to be a person in their life that shows them its ok to be exactly who they are!

When thinking about whether or not Kids Yoga is right for your child..think about the lifelong gift you are giving them.  Just ask this mother of one of my students.  “My son has benefited tremendously from his yoga sessions with Megan at Five Peaks Yoga. He always looks forward to going to class and uses the techniques learned in class to help him decompress. He really enjoys his time with Megan and finds the sessions to be fun and relaxing. He has been able to incorporate the exercises he has learned into his daily routine and uses them when he begins to feel overwhelmed. We have noticed a marked difference in the way he responds to difficult situations. We are so grateful we found Megan and Five Peaks Yoga.”

– Mother of Preteen Student